Saturday, June 22

dc.js v1.4 released

dc.js v1.4 - a mutli-dimensional charting library built with crossfilter and d3 was released today. This release has some of the most long anticipated features in the backlog:

  • multi-selection filtering (initially implemented by @davidda)
  • elastic x-axis for row chart
  • mouse zoomable line/bar/composite chart (contributed by @ChaksChigurupati) 
And with various bug fixes and minor enhancements (see v1.4.0 issue log for details). Make sure to check out our updated example page to see these features in action.

Saturday, June 8

ThoughtWorks 2013 NA Away Day Notes

Yesterday I landed in beautiful Denver CO attending this year's North American ThoughtWorks Away Day held at Keystone Resort for the weekend.

For large part of today I have been inspired and challenged by brilliant sessions given by fellow thought workers and in this blog I would like to share some of my random thoughts on these topics. The following thought fragments are written as notes, not in any particular order:
  • Deliver but don't be afraid of failure 
  • Fail fast and cheaply
  • Ideally fail before delivery and in small increment
  • Focus on idea validation
  • Open to differences in idea
  • Success criteria should be defined with client not by implementer
  • Stake holder should become influencer and even implementer not just holder
  • Classic (state driven) vs. Mockist (interaction driven) unit testing
  • Unit Test, Integration Test, Component Test, End2End Test, Contract Test -> MicroService Test Strategy
  • Internal service resource to facilitate testing
  • Give contract test kit to up-steam service team so they can integrate it into their pipeline
  • Contract for the same service is different for different service consumer
  • Test brittleness goes up as you climb the pyramid 
  • Lower the cost of failure and faster we can fail the higher the anti-fragility
  • Tossing out code is better than maintaining unused feature
  • Design/Validation by elimination
  • Use "specification by example" to drive requirement
  • QA engagement early on
  • Think of QA as XD for negative path
  • XD tends to focus more on happy path
  • Path mapping: map happy/sad path for different persona to bring visibility to product and stake holders
  • Analytics (facts) driven experience design
  • Everything becomes better with example
  • Analytics - better business decision support