Wednesday, April 17

dc.js v1.3 released

dc.js v1.3 was released with a new type of chart support - Row Chart (thanks to Leo Sun's contribution). 

Check out our updated NASDAQ example page to see it in action. On top of that in this release now dc.js also supports run-time dimension and group switch.


Unknown said...

Keep up the good work! dc.js was just mentioned on d3-js ML and it looks good! We're looking to use something d3-based for our SPM & SA - our performance monitoring and search analytics services - see . dc.js looks good!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick;
dc.js looks great! Linking up different types of data has wide utility. One request I've had lately is to link together multiple "sunburst" graphics. Since a single sunburst describes a data hierarchy, this presentation would require links between hierarchies. Any chance that you might extend dc.js to handle this construction?

Nick Zhu said...

Hi Benjamin,

Thanks for the suggestion. Dc.js is built to work with crossfilter and unfortunately crossfitler currently does not support drill-down and roll-up very well. dc.js will start to include hierarchical charts once crossfilter starts to support hierarchical data. At the mean time I am also considering building a more sophisticated data mining library in javascript though only if I can add a few more hours into 24-hour day :-)

Bryan Swan said...

Amazing graph series, do you have it included in the zip on Git? I am looking and would like to tweak and learn D3 more with it.