Sunday, January 13

dc.js v1.1 released

Just released dc.js v1.1. In this release a few key features were introduced:

1. Capability to focus and zoom in on coordinate grid charts, see updated NASDAQ example for a live demo.
2. Ordinal scale support on bar/line chart
3. Listeners support for the following events
    • preRender
    • postRender
    • preRedraw
    • postRedraw
    • filtered
4. Many bug fixes and minor enhancement

Try it out today or check out our updated NASDAQ demo.


Unknown said...

Hi Nick! I saw your presentation and great work at the D3.js meetup a little while ago (I was the guy with the glasses sitting close-ish to the screen who had set the data up as php json). Anyway, I have a quick question for you, I hope you are up for answering. I was given a quote by a data visualizer to build a chord diagram using D3.js and his quote seemed kind of high. Do you know where I could get quotes for that kind of thing? He was asking for $1,500. Anyway, if it's not too much trouble, let me know what you'd think. He knows I'm asking around. Thank you. Joseph Lalonde.

Nick Zhu said...

Its really hard to say if it is overpriced or not. It all depends on whether the chart is reusable or a one-off creation, and if its just code hacked together or clean well organized with test coverage. So in short I can't really say if its too much or not unfortunately.