Thursday, July 12

dc.js v0.2 released

dc.js v0.2 released with new data count and data table widgets, check it out


ok said...

Hey Nick, I just created a bunch of issues in your github repo, I love what you're doing and would like to help, currently I'm trying to get a dev build up and running, but would love to chat, you can find me on twitter: @milr0c. Or on github via your issues section. I hope I can help in anyway possible.

Nick Zhu said...

Thanks Miles. Any kind of help is welcome. I am currently working on the 0.3 release to introduce the line chart. I am really interested to know how people are using the library. Me and some of my colleagues at ThoughtWorks are using it on some of our projects, but definitely would love to know how people use it outside of ThoughtWorks.