Thursday, July 26

dc.js v0.5 released

Just published dc.js v0.5 release with support for composite chart.

Currently dc.js allows you to compose multiple bar chart and line chart into a single composite chart as shown in the above screen capture. Some minor API changes have also been introduced in this release to improve readability.

xValue() => keyRetriever()
yValue() => valueRetriever()
rValue() => radiusValueRetriever()

Check it out and enjoy

Friday, July 20

dc.js v0.4 release

dc.js v0.4 released with support of bubble chart.

v0.4 release also introduces some changes to how pie chart renders selected and deselected slices. In v0.4 dc.js no longer directly generate svg element with styling settings for slices but rather relying on css to do the job. So if you are upgrading dc.js from an older version, add the following css classes to maintain consistent look and feel.

.pie-slice .selected {
    stroke-width: 3;
    stroke: #ccc;
    fill-opacity: 1;

.pie-slice .deselected {
    strok: none;
    fill-opacity: .5;