Monday, June 20

JNDI Warrior v0.3 Released

Just released JNDI Warrior 0.3 yesterday. In this release the following improvement and new features have been implemented:

  • Better UI look and feel to give it more mature look rather than the original demo-like appearance
  • Better ability to manage classpath per JNDI connection session
  • A izPack powered cross-platform installer to make it easy to install the application on any platform
  • New feature implemented to create, edit, and execute Groovy script from the application directly making prototyping and debugging with JNDI even easier.
Two built-in variables are available currently within the script.
  1. context - IntitialContext of connected JNDI provider
  2. out - a PrintWriter instance which allows you to print directly to script output area
Here is a screenshot of the 0.3 release:

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