Thursday, May 5

Griffon Airbag Plugin 0.1 Release

In one of my recent open source project I created a mechanism in Griffon framework to capture any uncaught exception raised in an application regardless what threading model it is using. The idea eventually caught some attention on Griffon dev maillist and absorbed into the 0.9.2 core. The actual implementation of this mechanism now in Griffon core is definitely more efficient and reliable than my original meta method wrapping based attempt :)

The rest of the original implementation, mostly a Swing dialog, designed to provide a simple and user friendly way to inform any unexpected exception has been packaged as a standard Griffon plugin called Airbag. I have just released the 0.1 version of it which includes pretty much a direct port of the code from my other project.

To Install

griffon install-plugin airbag

How to use?

Once installed Airbag dialog can be easily initiated by using the following event handler in your main controller.

   void onUncaughtExceptionThrown(ex) {
doLater {
try {
def errorDialog = new AirBagErrorDialog(view.mainWindow,
"Uncaught Exception Occured",
} catch (Exception e) {

Screen Shot

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