Tuesday, April 6

GValidation 0.2 release

After I released the very first version of the Griffon Validation plugin, I have received quite a few positive feedback, and thank everybody for all the feedback. Based on some initial bug report I have fixed some dependency problem with the initial version now the plugin is shipped with all dependencies it requires so you don't need to manually add jars into your project. Currently GValidation depends on:

  • Apache Commons Lang 2.5
  • Apache Commons Validator 1.3.1
  • Jakarta ORO 2.0.8
In the 0.2 release I have also fixed some inconsistency in some of the validator implementation, now all validator except nullable and blank will ignore both null and blank value. In other words, unless you provide nullable or blank validator the validation logic will assume all fields are optional by default.

To upgrade your application to the new plugin version please uninstall validation plugin first:

griffon uninstall-plugin validation
griffon install-plugin validation

I have also updated the Wiki with a quick tutorial showing how validation can be utilized in a simple but somewhat telling example. The same tutorial demo application binary can also be downloaded from the project files page.

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