Thursday, February 12

Last year me and my family moved to a new home mid-town Toronto, and among endlessly packing and unpacking we also found ourselves wrapped with a big shopping list; some electronics need to be upgraded and new furniture need to be purchased. At that time because it was almost the Christmas timeframe we did not buy anything right away since we were betting on that some of those items on our wishlist will go on sale for sure during Christmas time. What we end up doing for the next month and so was continuously going back to 6-7 different sites checking the price for roughly 10 different items on my list almost everyday hoping some of them would be on sale. After about a week my wife complained that she spent so much time browsing the web looking for deals everyday, and it would be really cool if a website could allow her to create a robot monitoring those pages for her so she can be freed from this repetitive work and just get notified when the price has dropped. My initial reaction was that's a good idea but there gotta be a site out there does this, but after some research I realized there is actually not a single site that does exactly this.

I found some sites do crowl the web and record prices for different products but they only supports a narrow range of sites so lets say if you want to monitor something on then you are out-of-luck since they don't support the site. And some other ones only allow users or their sponsors to advertise deals manually so if what you want is not in the deal list then you still have to go back everyday to check. Most of the retail site do not provide this kind of price change notification service since the main purpose of sale and discount is get the customer to browse through the site thus triggering impulsive purchase since the profit margin for the on sale items are slim, its against their best interest to provide service like this. Eventually I decided to create a website to do one and only one simply thing:

You can create an Eyeball (robot) for a product (on the detail page) on pretty much any site and getting notified when the price drops below your threshold.

We launched the beta version of the web site this week. Its completely free of charge and free of advertisement. Come check it out and let us know what you think. In the next a few posts I will share some of the creative ways our users have figured out how to use the site, and you are always more than welcome to let us know your findings and experience.