Tuesday, November 13

Oopsla - Panel "No Silver Bullet" Reloaded

This is the best panel I attended in this year's Oopsla. Its nice to see Federick and David on the panel, and of course the big bad weir-wolf by Martin Fowler.

  • Federick's definition of inherent complexity vs. incidental complexity 20 years ago is still the one of the main driving forces of many recent process model and framework development aiming at minimizing incidental complexity hence focusing on the inherent complexity
  • Human incompetence is unavoidable
  • There is no silver bullet, but maybe a couple of lead bullets will do the job
  • There is no silver bullet, but we might have created something although complex but powerful enough to kill or seriously injure the weir-wolf, just like the creation of modern chemistry from the pursuit of ancient alchemist's dream of turning stone to gold
  • Embrace the inherent complexity

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