Sunday, November 11

Oopsla - Actor-Network Theory: Nothing to do with TCP/IP or distributed objects (Brian Marick)

This is one of the my favorite talks I attended in this year Oopsla, and it is so interesting that I was busy enjoying the talk and did not take too many notes :-)

  • Break your mental model (to be successful in this rapid changing industry you need to constantly challenge your past experience and your way of thinking - your mental model)
  • Conduct retrospective of your personal career development every 5 years
  • Read books and topics outside of our industry to help you breaking the mental model
  • To produce quality software programmer and tester need to form a unity of team effort
  • Tester's job is not a destroyer but rather helping programmer to beef up the product together
  • Agile daily stand-up meeting should not be a shrunk version of weekly status report. Daily stand-up should be purely user story oriented since thats the only measurement of real progress in an agile project

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