Saturday, June 8

ThoughtWorks 2013 NA Away Day Notes

Yesterday I landed in beautiful Denver CO attending this year's North American ThoughtWorks Away Day held at Keystone Resort for the weekend.

For large part of today I have been inspired and challenged by brilliant sessions given by fellow thought workers and in this blog I would like to share some of my random thoughts on these topics. The following thought fragments are written as notes, not in any particular order:
  • Deliver but don't be afraid of failure 
  • Fail fast and cheaply
  • Ideally fail before delivery and in small increment
  • Focus on idea validation
  • Open to differences in idea
  • Success criteria should be defined with client not by implementer
  • Stake holder should become influencer and even implementer not just holder
  • Classic (state driven) vs. Mockist (interaction driven) unit testing
  • Unit Test, Integration Test, Component Test, End2End Test, Contract Test -> MicroService Test Strategy
  • Internal service resource to facilitate testing
  • Give contract test kit to up-steam service team so they can integrate it into their pipeline
  • Contract for the same service is different for different service consumer
  • Test brittleness goes up as you climb the pyramid 
  • Lower the cost of failure and faster we can fail the higher the anti-fragility
  • Tossing out code is better than maintaining unused feature
  • Design/Validation by elimination
  • Use "specification by example" to drive requirement
  • QA engagement early on
  • Think of QA as XD for negative path
  • XD tends to focus more on happy path
  • Path mapping: map happy/sad path for different persona to bring visibility to product and stake holders
  • Analytics (facts) driven experience design
  • Everything becomes better with example
  • Analytics - better business decision support 

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