Saturday, September 15

Dimensional charting javascript library dc.js v0.9 release

Dimensional charting javascript library dc.js v0.9 released today. The following enhancement and changes has been introduced:

New Chart

Bubble Overlay - Bubble overlay chart is designed to allow you overlay a bubble chart on top of pretty much anything on your page, such as a custom svg map or a bitmap image.


  • dc.css has been sanitized so you can simply copy it and drop into your dc.js project to have the default look-and-feel enabled for you charts
  • .chart css class used in dc.css has been changed to dc-chart and is now automatically injected by dc chart instance
  • .selected and .deselected css class has been moved from svg:path element to it's parent svg:g element to allow more flexibility in styling
  • dc now support global renderlet function to be triggered when dc.renderAll and dc.redrawAll is triggered
  • lineChart and barChart now support brush off mode and honour title setting which allow generation of tooltip in brush-off mode

See for more details.

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Unknown said...

I have used your dc.js and it works great. However, I need to make a graph with a focus+context via brushing like How can I do this with your plug-in? Thank you.