Tuesday, December 4

dc.js v1.0 release

dc.js v1.0 has been released today. It has been almost 5 months since the first rough implementation of dc.js was released back in July. Since then it has been a very interesting journey to finally reach the stability and usability goals to release its 1.0 version. My sincere thanks to everyone who has contributed directly or indirectly in the past 5 months.

In this release, other than bug fixes and enhancement in code also a more detailed API Reference Doc has been created to help navigate through dc.js' APIs since I have been getting a lot of questions and request on this one recently. Also the library indeed has reached the level of complexity that warrants such document. On top of that this is also a release with a lot of great contributions from dc.js' users so many thanks to Sean Bell and Paul English for contributing.

As my work schedule has been pretty hectic recently plus other commitment (school and family) I haven't been able to work as much on my OSS projects as I would like to. Hopefully this situation will improve in the near future as well if you see feature missing don't hesitate sending me your patch =)

Release note https://github.com/NickQiZhu/dc.js/wiki/Releases-notes

Saturday, September 15

Dimensional charting javascript library dc.js v0.9 release

Dimensional charting javascript library dc.js v0.9 released today. The following enhancement and changes has been introduced:

New Chart

Bubble Overlay - Bubble overlay chart is designed to allow you overlay a bubble chart on top of pretty much anything on your page, such as a custom svg map or a bitmap image.


  • dc.css has been sanitized so you can simply copy it and drop into your dc.js project to have the default look-and-feel enabled for you charts
  • .chart css class used in dc.css has been changed to dc-chart and is now automatically injected by dc chart instance
  • .selected and .deselected css class has been moved from svg:path element to it's parent svg:g element to allow more flexibility in styling
  • dc now support global renderlet function to be triggered when dc.renderAll and dc.redrawAll is triggered
  • lineChart and barChart now support brush off mode and honour title setting which allow generation of tooltip in brush-off mode

See https://github.com/NickQiZhu/dc.js/issues?milestone=3&page=1&state=closed for more details.