Friday, August 19

Griffon Validation Plugin 0.8 Released

I am happy to announce the release of Griffon Validation plugin v0.8. In this release the following enhancement and new features were introduced:

1. Upgraded to match Griffon core 0.9.3 release

For v0.8 release you will need Griffon 0.9.3+ to run it.

2. Upgraded to i18n plugin 0.4 release

Thanks to the new multi-bundle support in i18n plugin now when using validation plugin you no longer need to manually create default error messages. The validation plugin is now shipped with these default messages and will automatically fall back to it if no other localized messages are found.

3. Real time validation support

Now validation plugin can automatically trigger validation for your model beans if you include the realTime flag in your annotation.


class MyModel{

The real time validation feature is implemented relying on the property change support therefore any property value change, for example triggered by bind{}, will invoke the validation logic associated with that particular property. The actual validation is performed in a separate thread using GriffonApplication.execAsync() before it switches back to EDT for error rendering. Currently this flag only works with Griffon MVC model beans if you apply it to a regular POGO object the flag will be ignored.

As usually you can upgrade your validation by simply issue the following command:

griffon install-plugin validation

And please refer to the plugin Wiki for detail information of the plugin.

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javin paul said...

good post , Griffon validation plug in looks quite promising.

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