Tuesday, January 4

JNDI Warrior v0.1 Released

It started as a simple demonstration application to showcase Griffon framework’s capability to deliver rich Swing based client application with unprecedented speed. However the demo itself turned out to be quite a handy little tool especially for Java EE developers, I personally had used it a couple of times to debug some odd JNDI lookup and classpath issues in the last a couple of weeks. So I have decided to officially host it on SourceForge.net as an open source project - JNDI Warrior.

Its a simple Swing based client utility application which allows you to connect to a given JNDI provider typically found with any Java EE application server. It has three JNDI templates built-in (Weblogic, JBoss AS, and Glassfish) to help you filling some of the blanks, but in theory it should work like any Java based JNDI client with any provider by manually entering your JNDI settings. You can download this little application from here.

You are always welcome to use project Trac to submit any bug report or feature request.

Happy new year! and enjoy :)

Here are a few screen shots:

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