Wednesday, February 3

Create Open Flash Chart in Grails without using plugins

If you are like me tired of outdated Grails plugins and verbose API in Java for Open Flash Chart 2, here is a short demonstration of generating OFC2 using just naked Grooviness. OFC2 charts are driven by JSON data feed, and with Grails' built in JSON converter and support you really don't need another API or plugin to use OFC2. Just download the flash binary and javascript from and create a controller in your Grails application. Now you have two choices, you can either use the JSON builder in your controller or just plain maps to generate JSON data. I chose plain maps since its easier to manipulate and examine in unit tests, but the JSON builder will work just as well with even more expressive DSL. Here is an example of a simple chart:

def chartData = [
"elements": [ ["type": "line", "values": [ 1, 2, 1] ] ],
"title": [ "text": "Wed Feb 03 2010" ]
render chartData as JSON

Now you are free to use the latest OFC binary without worrying about upgrading the plugin or mocking the complex API in your test. The syntax is extremely similar to the JSON output so you can basically learn from checking out the examples on OFC site. Here is a more complicated example with tooltips, on-load animation and custom look-and-feel.

'elements': [
["font-size": 10, "text": "Daily Info",
"tip": '$#val#
on #x_label#', "type": "line", "width": 4,
"dot-style": ["type": "dot", "dot-size": 5, "colour": "#DFC329", "tip": '$#val#
on #x_label#'],
'values': values, 'colour': '#8F9CFF', "on-show": ["type": "drop", "delay": 0.5]
"is_decimal_separator_comma": 0,
"is_fixed_num_decimals_forced": 0,
"is_thousand_separator_disabled": 0,
"num_decimals": 2,
'title': ['text': "Sample Chart"],
'x_axis': ['steps': 10, labels: ['steps':10, 'visible-steps': 5, 'labels': labels], "colour": "#0067A6", "grid-colour": "#FFCAA8"],
'y_axis': ['min': 0, 'max': yMax, 'steps': calculateYAxisSteps(yMax), "colour": "#0067A6", "grid-colour": "#DEFFA8"],
'bg_colour': '#FFFFFF',
"tooltip": [
"colour": "#5CC0FF", "background": "#FFFFFF", "title": "{font-size: 14px; color: #5C6FFF; font-weight: bold}",
"body": "{font-size: 11px; font-weight: bold; color: #000000;}"

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