Thursday, September 4

Enable USB in VMWare under Ubuntu 8.04 - Hardy Heron

Just figured out how to enable USD controllers in VMWare windows instance under Ubuntu 8.04 - Hardy Heron, thought it might be useful to share it here in my blog.

If you just upgraded to Hardy Heron, you will notice that the USB are no longer working for your VMWare instance, its because that the Ubuntu development team removed /proc/bus/usb mount, and thats what VMWare depends on for detecting USB devices. To re-enable this is actually quite simple, just modify the device mount script "sudo vim /etc/init.d/" and uncomment the following part:

# Magic to make /proc/bus/usb work
mkdir -p /dev/bus/usb/.usbfs
domount usbfs "" /dev/bus/usb/.usbfs -obusmode=0700,devmode=0600,listmode=0644
ln -s .usbfs/devices /dev/bus/usb/devices
mount --rbind /dev/bus/usb /proc/bus/usb

Then restart the mount "sudo /etc/init.d/ start", now you should be able to add USB device to VMWare instance again. Have fun!


Alex said...

"Just figured out how to enable USD controllers" (sic)

What's next Nick? Multi-currency support?

Take care,

Nick Zhu said...

Lol, no next on the list is to run VM in another VM :D