Monday, June 2

TinyMCE the best replacement for Tomohawk inputHtml

Recently I upgrade one of my web application from JSF 1.1 to 1.2 core, and this specific application was built with MyFaces Core + Tomahawk + Facelet + Richfaces + Ajax4JSF. After the upgrade everything pretty much worked out-of-box, the only part that broke was the Tomahawk inputHtml component due to a known issue Tomahawk issue 1088, but since Tomahawk currently does not officially support JSF 1.2 there is really not much we can expect.

After this little setback, I did some research and found that TinyMCE seems to be a nice rich text editor implementation and based on the MyFaces Wiki documentation it turned out was a quite strightforward integration. Although I did end up had to do a little bit enhancement on top of the suggested implementation, the reason for the enhancement was because I had more than one text area on the page but I did not want to turn all of them into rich text editor. The only change I had to do was using 'editor_selector' instead of 'mode' while initializing the TinyMCE script.

mode : "textareas",
theme : "advanced",
editor_selector : "mceEditor",
width : "640",
height : "480"

After that all you need to do is just set your textArea style class to 'mceEditor', which will automatically convert your textArea to a nice rich text editor.

My environment info:

MyFaces - 1.2.2
Tomahawk - 1.1.6
Facelets - 1.1.11
Richfaces - 3.2.1.GA

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