Saturday, November 10

Oopsla - Creating Passionate User (Kathy Sierra)

This presentation is, like its name suggests, about creating passionate users which is not only essential to the success of the creation of any useful software (especially important in agile environment), but also equally important from the sales and marketing perspective for creating consumer loyalty as well as utilizing the power of word of mouth.

  • User can't be passionate if they suck (at using your product or doing whatever they do)
  • Human can acquire high definition experience once they are good at something, for example watching tennis matches are way more exciting if you actually play tennis and understand the difficulty and the tactics that the players are facing in the match
  • HD experience and passion threshold model also apply to personal career development
  • When designing software, remember its not about the software (tools) but the goals (what user wants to achieve through using the tools). Make user good at achieving the goals, not just using the tools.
  • Constantly ask yourself "What can I do to make my user kick ass?"
  • Set up milestones and development path for the user, so they know how they can get better and measure the progress too. Learn from the video game model. Again this approach can also be applied to career development and management
  • For startups you don't need to out spend your competitor in marketing or sales, but just out teach your competitor hence obtain consumer recognition and the power of word of mouth
  • One step further, with highly satisfied and ass-kicking users it is possible to create tribal community among your users to further cultivate recognition and loyalty, for example Apple 1997 "Think Different" campaign

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